Google Hangouts Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ve been annoyed that i couldn’t find emoji keyboard shortcuts on Google Hangouts (on mobile or gmail in web browser), i was specifically looking for the thinking face emoji.

You can copy and paste from this list but keyboard shortcuts are so much easier

Naturally i did the geeky thing and tried to find it.

Here’s the geeky stuff…
The code for keyboard shortcuts is buried in a javascript variable “J7a”
To see the javascript yourself: make sure you have a hangouts chat open in gmail then…
right-click  > inspect > sources

Here’s a snippet of the javascript…
(more geeky stuff)
J7a={“!:)”:128579,”!:-)”:128579,”(=^..^=)”:128568,”(=^.^=)”:128568,”(N)”:128078,”(Y)”:128077, …

What you’re seeing there is each keyboard shortcut “:)” and the corresponding Unicode character in decimal.
e.g. 128053 is decimal for the hexidecimal value 0x1F435 (monkey face U+1F435) .

Here are the emoji shortcuts…
Without further delay, here’s the full list of all currently available Google Hangouts emoji keyboard shortcuts…

:C frowning/sad face (U+2639)
:) or :-) smiley (U+263A)
<3 heart (U+2764)
-<@% honeybee (U+1F41D)
:(|) monkey face (U+1F435)
:(:) pig face (U+1F437)
(Y) or (y) thumb up (U+1F44D)
(N) or (n) thumb down (U+1F44E)
(]:{ man with turban (U+1F473)
</3 or <\\3 broken heart (U+1F494)
~@~ pile of poo (U+1F4A9)
:D or :-D grinning face (U+1F600)
^_^ grinning face with closed eyes (U+1F601)
:”D laughing face with tears (U+1F602)
=D laughing face open mouth with happy eyes (U+1F604)
^_^;; laughing face open mouth with tear (U+1F605)
O:) or O=) O:-) angel face (smiley with halo) (U+1F607)
}:) or }=) or }:-) devil face (U+1F608)
;) or ;-) winking face (U+1F609)
=) blushing smile (U+1F60A)
B-) smiley with sunglasses (U+1F60E)
:, or :-, smirking face (U+1F60F)
:| or =| or :-| neutral face (U+1F610)
-_- expressionless face (U+1F611)
o_o; downcast with sweat (U+1F613)
u_u pensive face (U+1F614)
:/ or =/ or =\\ or :\\ or :-/ or :-\\ confused face (U+1F615)
:s or :S or :-s or :-S confounded face (U+1F616)
:* or :-* kissing face (U+1F617)
;* or ;-* face blowing a kiss (U+1F618)
=* blushing kissing face (U+1F61A)
:p or :P or =p or =P or :-p or :-P face with tongue (U+1F61B)
;p or ;P or ;-p or ;-P winking face with tongue (U+1F61C)
:( or :-( or =( dissappointed face (U+1F61E)
>:( or >=( or >:-( pouting / angry face (U+1F621)
:'( or ='( or T_T or ;_; crying face (U+1F622)
>.< or >_< persevering face (U+1F623)
D: frowning with open mouth / worried (U+1F626)
:”( loudly crying face (U+1F62D)
:o or :O or =o or =O or :-o or :-O or o.o face with open mouth / shocked (U+1F62E)
O.O astonished face / gasping with shock (U+1F632)
X( or X-( or X-o or X-O or x_x dizzy face (U+1F635)
:3 or :X) or =^_^= or (=^..^=) or (=^.^=) grinning cat with smiling eyes (U+1F638)
!:) or !:-) upside-down face (U+1F643)
>:(X person gesturing no / crossed arms (U+1F645)
\o or o/ person raising hand (U+1F64B)
:)X or :-)X or >:D< hugging face / open hands (U+1F917)
\m/ hand horn sign / ‘rock-on’ (U+1F918)
V.v.V crab (U+1F980)

Annoyingly, as you can see in the list, my original search for a keyboard shortcut for the thinking face emoji proved fruitless…
There isn’t one  … yet

For reference here’s the current Unicode full emoji list.

I hope this helps you and saves you from diving into the javascript source.
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YouTube – Associated website “pending”

After jumping through all the hoops to try and get a website verified on a company YouTube channel (in order to link to the company website via annotations) the associated website was still showing as “Pending”


To fix this, after much frustration and googling I discovered this page in webmaster tools…

I added the YouTube user account email to associated users at the bottom and the site was instantly associated in YouTube!

Hope this helps you and saves you a bit of time, if it does feel free to say thanks by clicking “Buy Me a Coffee” PayPal Donate button in the sidebar (down the bottom on mobiles)
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Stop multiple posts for shared YouTube videos and links appearing on Google Plus posts page

If you share lots of stuff via YouTube or Google Plus you may have noticed that your posts page on your google plus profile shows everything you share, everytime you share it.
This is fine if you only share something once but, if you share the same thing multiple times (on multiple sites/pages for example), then it will appear multiple times in your Google+ posts page, making it look a bit spammy.

Here’s how you can quickly and easily prevent this from happening….

  1. Go to your Google plus page
  2. Click “Home” in the top left
  3. Click “Settings”
  4. Scroll to the “Profile” section near the (bottom)
  5. Untick “Show your Google+ communities posts on the Posts tab of your Google+ profile”

Simple huh?

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Dreamweaver CS3 won’t start in Windows 7

I’m still using Dreamweaver CS3 for some web stuff. It does all I need it to do, or at least it did until it suddenly just decided to not load anymore!

I tried rebooting, tried running as admin, tried running in compatibility mode etc.
Finally I found that there now appears to be a some kind of issue with Windows Aero, on my laptop at least.
So, after much frustration I finally got it to work.

If your Dreamweaver CS3 has stopped loading in Windows 7 you can get it to work by just changing these settings …

1. Right click the Dreamweaver shortcut and then click “Properties”.
2. Click the “Compatability” tab.
3. Under the “Settings” section:
Tick “Disable visual themes” and “Disable desktop composition”
(It does seem to work without ticking “Disable visual themes”, but a couple of times it didn’t start so I left mine ticked just in case.)

You’ll notice that you lose your nice aero transparency / colours etc but at least you can now use Dreamweaver CS3 on Windows 7 again!

You could disable Windows Aero completely, or just the Aero Peek feature, but seems overkill to change the entire OS appearance just for the sake of one misbehaving application.

If this helped you please tweet me (@alanhart) or comment below to let me know!

URL Redirect Check Tool – 301 Redirect Checker

I have made simple Redirect Check Tool.This tool can quickly and easily tell you if an URL redirects to another, the URL where it redirects to and the response headers returned by the server.

This is useful for SEO purposes and also if you have asked your web hosting company to make 301 redirect changes on your behlaf and you wish to check everything redirects OK

Enter an URL in the form below and you’ll be taken to the results page where you will see the URL header response code (type of redirect) and where the URL redirects to.

Enter URL to check

See more of my handy tools here: Tools


Compare CSS Stylesheet Tool – Update

In December 2010 i made my compare stylesheet tool available on my site for everyone.

It had a few shortcomings (pointed out to me by a few of you) so I’ve made some nice additions! Hurrah!

What does it do?
For those who don’t already know, CSS is a standard used to define Web site presentation styles.
When a Web designer creates a CSS stylesheet for a site, he will evolve it through multiple versions with incremental changes.

This tool allows a web designer to clearly see the differences between two css stylesheet files (classes only, not values)

Compare CSS Stylesheets

A webpage that takes two CSS files and compares the classes contained in both. Resulting differences are highlighted in red.


  • Optional flag “(!)” can be added next to every difference for quick & easy text search.
  • Text boxes at bottom of page for easy copy and paste of CSS code (also with optional “(!)” flag for easy text search)
  • Usage:
    Click the “Compare CSS Tool” link below and simply upload the css files you want to compare and click the compare button.

    Compare CSS Tool


EKM Powershop – Adwords Conversion Value – Add Order Value to Your Adwords Code

When logged into your account on the successful checkout page (Settings > Checkout > Order Complete Page)
QuickLink if you’re already logged in is:

Paste the google adwords javascript with the ekm tag [ekm:totalcost_number_only] where conversion value needs to go (in both the javascript and noscript bits of the code.)

Here’s  code example (with made up conversion id and label data):
this data goes at the bottom of the successful checkout page source

 <!– Google Code for Sale Conversion Page –>

<script type=”text/javascript”>

/* <![CDATA[ */

var google_conversion_id = 1234567890;

var google_conversion_language = “en”;

var google_conversion_format = “3”;

var google_conversion_color = “ffffff”;

var google_conversion_label = “ab-CDEfghIJKlMn1_AB”;

var google_conversion_value = [ekm:totalcost_number_only];

/* ]]> */


<script type=”text/javascript” src=””>



<div style=”display:inline;”>

<img height=”1″ width=”1″ style=”border-style:none;” alt=”” src=” [ekm:totalcost_number_only] &label= ab-CDEfghIJKlMn1_AB &guid=ON&script=0″/>




  1. If you have more than one payment method e.g. telephone, paypal etc you will need to add this code to the source of each payment method’s “checkout complete” page.
  2. The ekm powershop database/server code escapes any (“) with a slash e.g. (\”)
    it double escapes this if the user changes something then updates the page source again
    replacing every double quote (“) in the google code with single (‘) will prevent this happening.
  3. Make sure you do a dummy run throught the checkout process and view page source on the order complete page to verify the code looks as it should.


If you have more than one payment method e.g. telephone, paypal etc you will need to add this code to the source of each payment method’s “checkout complete” page.

XML Twitter Feed Not Working? The Twitter Feed XML has been removed/changed

Looks like twitter have turned off XML feeds…

Here’s where you can find XML feed for your tweets:

You can also use (Thanks to @steveclarkcouk for this one) …

(This includes all the original xml fields. Change “count=2” to retrieve more than 2 tweets)

*Obviously replace “AlanHart” with your username ;)

Hope this helps someone!

There are a few changes:

As an example: I am loading the xml into a cache file and updating this every 5 minutes (keeps it up to date but stops each webpage request hammering twitter)

I then load the XML from the cache file into a VAR:

$xml = simplexml_load_file($cache_file);

var_dump($xml); // will show the array data for debugging

And output for each tweet:

foreach($xml->channel->item as $entry) {echo ($entry->title);}

Differences i have noticed:

1. The xml is nested differently:

Used to be: $xml -> status

Now: $xml ->channel->item

2. User Profile Picture

used to be: $entry->user->profile_image_url (This no longer exists)

3. Tweet text

used to be: $entry->text (this is now: $entry->title)

4. Tweet Date

used to be: $entry->created_at (this now: $entry->pubDate)

How to Disable Javascript in your Browser

You can easily disable javascript in any browser completely or you can disable javascript for a specific site/domain in the Chrome Browser.

Note: Make sure you remember to re-enable javascript when you’re done!

Internet Explorer:
1. Click the little gear (top right)
2. Click “Internet Options”
3. Choose the “Security” Tab
4. Click “Custome Level…” Button (near the bottom)
5. Scroll down to the “Scripting Section”
6. Locate the Active scripting subheading and select the “Disable” radio button.
If you would rather be prompted each time a website attempts to launch any javascript code, select the “Prompt” radio button instead.

1. Click the spanner icon (“Customise and Control Google Chrome”)
2. Click “Options”
3. Click “Under the Bonnet”
4. Click the “Content Settings…” button at the top (next to where it says “Privacy”)
5. In the “Javascript” section make sure that “Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)” is selected
6. then click the “Manage Exceptions…” button
7. Select “Block” from the drop down box
8. Enter the hostname in the text box:
9. Hit Enter

(to remove this javascript block for after the “blackout” just goto the same “Manage exceptions” page hover your mouse over the wikipedia entry you added and click “X”)

1. On your keyboard hold down “Alt+T” together then tap “O”
2. Click the “Content” icon
3. Untick “Enable Javascript”
This will disable javascript on ALL sites you visit until you tick “Enable Javascript” box again

1. Open Safari
2. On your keyboard hold down the “Ctrl” key and tap the comma [,] key
3. Select the “Security” icon
4. untick “Enable JavaScript”