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XML Twitter Feed Not Working? The Twitter Feed XML has been removed/changed

Looks like twitter have turned off XML feeds…

Here’s where you can find XML feed for your tweets:


You can also use (Thanks to @steveclarkcouk for this one) …


(This includes all the original xml fields. Change “count=2” to retrieve more than 2 tweets)

*Obviously replace “AlanHart” with your username ;)

Hope this helps someone!

There are a few changes:

As an example: I am loading the xml into a cache file and updating this every 5 minutes (keeps it up to date but stops each webpage request hammering twitter)

I then load the XML from the cache file into a VAR:

$xml = simplexml_load_file($cache_file);

var_dump($xml); // will show the array data for debugging

And output for each tweet:

foreach($xml->channel->item as $entry) {echo ($entry->title);}

Differences i have noticed:

1. The xml is nested differently:

Used to be: $xml -> status

Now: $xml ->channel->item

2. User Profile Picture

used to be: $entry->user->profile_image_url (This no longer exists)

3. Tweet text

used to be: $entry->text (this is now: $entry->title)

4. Tweet Date

used to be: $entry->created_at (this now: $entry->pubDate)

Change Juitter Time and Date Format

As you can see in the sidebar on the left i am using Juitter to retrieve my twitter feed, I didn’t like the default juitter date format because it’s rather long (“ddd,dd mm yyyy hh:mm:ss +0000”)

Here’s how you can reformat the default juitter time and date format…

Just insert the code below into the “jquery.juitter.js” file, underneath the line “var tweet = $.Juitter.filter(item.text);”

// Re-format Date/Time
//get Tweet date
var d=new Date(item.created_at); //Default date/time is when the tweet was published
var tweetdate=d.toLocaleDateString(); //rewrite date in a nicer way
//get Tweet time
var t=new Date(item.created_at);
var tweettime=t.toLocaleTimeString().substr(0,5); //rewrite and remove seconds
//pull it together
var timestamp=""+tweetdate+" at "+tweettime+"";
// Reformat Date/Time

Then in the few lines below this newly inserted code (the code that generates the HTML) replace “item.created_at” with “timestamp”


main date conversion taken from: http://www.ibrii.com/n/f317z

Some useful web design links

Here are some geeky/webdesign thinga-ma-bobs i’ve stumbled across/used recently:

Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet

a very handy quick reference guide for regular expressions, including symbols, ranges, grouping, assertions and some sample patterns for beginners.

CSS Transparency

used on this site so you can see the background image behind content on smaller screen resoltions
Transparency is one of those weird things that is treated completely differently in all browsers.
don’t forget to read the comments at the bottom of this article too:

Twitter “Retweet” Button

The Retweet button is for website and blog publishers that want to encourage their audience to retweet their content on twitter.
Here’s a really smart bit of code using one simple piece of JavaScript to give up to date tweet counts and shorten your title and link for the retweets. Best of all it will work on any web page, anywhere!


Vector art, icons, brushes, textures, wallpapers, anime, girls, tutorials… nuff said!

if you found any of these useful, please tweet/share.

iamnotaspambot on Twitter

Created a new twitter user and unique hashtag @iamnotaspambot and #iamnotaspambot.

Hoping people may adopt it and maybe even get a trend going. Will have to wait and see how it does.

If you’re on Twitter why not give @iamnotaspambot some love using the hashtag #iamnotaspambot and he will try and give you a little bit of twitter love in return.

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