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Access registry on another external hard drive

If you need to open a windows registry hive from an old/external/slave hard drive that has a windows installation on it.

I recently had a machine go down at work, wanted to get the user’s email up and running asap so i attached their hard dirve to my laptop using a usb to SATA adapter and exported their outlook account settings, which are stored in the registry and imported them into a new pc.
See my article: how to backup outlook 2007 account settings.

2. single click to hightlight the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE branch.
3. in the menu click FILE and choose LOAD HIVE
4. browse to the location of the old registry hive.

where “x:\” is the drive of the slave/external hard drive…

“user” is located in x:\docs and Settings\user\NTUSER.DAT
make sure you open upper case “NTUSER.DAT” and not “ntuser.dat” if it exists.

other registry hives are located at x:\windows\system32\config

if you’re not sure or unclear on any of this, please comment and ask.

Sync USB Hard Drive on Vista – Sync Center Sucks

So i got myself a nice big 1.5TB USB External Hard Drive and wanted to sync folders in my Documents folder to that drive for safekeeping.

Easy right? Just use Vista’s SyncCenter? Well you can’t. Sync Center is only for network folder synchronisation and other “compatible” devices not most USB hard drives and memory sticks.

Luckily i discovered Microsoft’s SyncToy, an incredibly easy to use and uncomplicated folder sync application.

Just download SyncToy from the link below and install.

Download SyncToy 2.0 from Microsoft

Once installed, go to “Start” > “Programs” and click theĀ  “SyncToy 2.0” Icon.

It’s pretty self explanatory to setup folder synchronisation, click “create a new folder pair” and choose the two folders you want to syncronise to each other.