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Updated: Facebook chat emoticons, emotes and smilies / icons

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Facebook chat emoticons, emotes and smilies / icons

Want to add smilies to your Facebook chat conversations?

Here are the obvious (and maybe less obvious) smilies / emoticons / emotes that you can send to your friends in Facebook chat!

Simply type what’s next to the smiley and it’ll show up when u send it to your friends in Facebook chat!

smile = :-) or :) or :] or =)

frown = :-( or :( or :[ or =(

tongue = :-P or :P or :-p or :p or =P

grin = :-D or :D or =D

gasp = :-O or :O or :-o or :o

wink = ;-) or ;)

glasses = 8-) or 8) or B-) or B)

sunglasses = 8-| or 8| or B-| or B|

grumpy = >:( or >:-(

unsure = :/ or :-/ or :\ or :-\

cry = :'(

devil = 3:) or 3:-)

angel = O:) or O:-)

kiss = :-* or :*

heart = <3

kiki = ^_^

squint = -_-

confused = o.O or O.o

upset = >:O or >:-O or >:o or >:-o

pacman = :v

Facebook Curly Lips Smily / Emote curly lips = :3

facebook robot emoticon robot = :|]

facebook Chris Putnam emoticon Chris Putnam = :putnam:

facebook shark emoticon Shark = (^^^)

penguin facebook emoticon Penguin = <(“)


42 emote = :42:

You can also change the text style:

Bold Text Bold Text = *Bold Text*

Underlined Text Underlined Text = _Underlined Text_

Bold & Underlined Text Bold Text = *_Bold and Underlined Text_*

This is a list of all currently known Facebook chat emoticons.
I’m sure Facebook will be adding more emoticons in the future and when they do i’ll update this post.

Some useful web design links

Here are some geeky/webdesign thinga-ma-bobs i’ve stumbled across/used recently:

Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet

a very handy quick reference guide for regular expressions, including symbols, ranges, grouping, assertions and some sample patterns for beginners.

CSS Transparency

used on this site so you can see the background image behind content on smaller screen resoltions
Transparency is one of those weird things that is treated completely differently in all browsers.
don’t forget to read the comments at the bottom of this article too:

Twitter “Retweet” Button

The Retweet button is for website and blog publishers that want to encourage their audience to retweet their content on twitter.
Here’s a really smart bit of code using one simple piece of JavaScript to give up to date tweet counts and shorten your title and link for the retweets. Best of all it will work on any web page, anywhere!


Vector art, icons, brushes, textures, wallpapers, anime, girls, tutorials… nuff said!

if you found any of these useful, please tweet/share.