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How to Disable Javascript in your Browser

You can easily disable javascript in any browser completely or you can disable javascript for a specific site/domain in the Chrome Browser.

Note: Make sure you remember to re-enable javascript when you’re done!

Internet Explorer:
1. Click the little gear (top right)
2. Click “Internet Options”
3. Choose the “Security” Tab
4. Click “Custome Level…” Button (near the bottom)
5. Scroll down to the “Scripting Section”
6. Locate the Active scripting subheading and select the “Disable” radio button.
If you would rather be prompted each time a website attempts to launch any javascript code, select the “Prompt” radio button instead.

1. Click the spanner icon (“Customise and Control Google Chrome”)
2. Click “Options”
3. Click “Under the Bonnet”
4. Click the “Content Settings…” button at the top (next to where it says “Privacy”)
5. In the “Javascript” section make sure that “Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)” is selected
6. then click the “Manage Exceptions…” button
7. Select “Block” from the drop down box
8. Enter the hostname in the text box: http://en.wikipedia.org
9. Hit Enter

(to remove this javascript block for after the “blackout” just goto the same “Manage exceptions” page hover your mouse over the wikipedia entry you added and click “X”)

1. On your keyboard hold down “Alt+T” together then tap “O”
2. Click the “Content” icon
3. Untick “Enable Javascript”
This will disable javascript on ALL sites you visit until you tick “Enable Javascript” box again

1. Open Safari
2. On your keyboard hold down the “Ctrl” key and tap the comma [,] key
3. Select the “Security” icon
4. untick “Enable JavaScript”

connection to the server was reset in Hotmail, Firefox

Been having trouble logging into hotmail the last few days, after entering username and password, just get an error saying:

“The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading”

To clear this and actually log on to your hotmail just do the following:

if you have the “Web Developer Toolbar” plugin:
Click Miscellaneous > Clear Private Data > HTTP Authentication

If you don’t have the plugin:

  1. When in Firefox hold down:
    Ctrl + Shift + Del together
  2. Tick “Active Logins
  3. Click “Clear Now” button

Try and log into hotmail again and it will let you in, at last!