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Access registry on another external hard drive

If you need to open a windows registry hive from an old/external/slave hard drive that has a windows installation on it.

I recently had a machine go down at work, wanted to get the user’s email up and running asap so i attached their hard dirve to my laptop using a usb to SATA adapter and exported their outlook account settings, which are stored in the registry and imported them into a new pc.
See my article: how to backup outlook 2007 account settings.

2. single click to hightlight the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE branch.
3. in the menu click FILE and choose LOAD HIVE
4. browse to the location of the old registry hive.

where “x:\” is the drive of the slave/external hard drive…

“user” is located in x:\docs and Settings\user\NTUSER.DAT
make sure you open upper case “NTUSER.DAT” and not “ntuser.dat” if it exists.

other registry hives are located at x:\windows\system32\config

if you’re not sure or unclear on any of this, please comment and ask.