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Facebook UnNamed App is not a spybot!

People are following the usual activity of updating their facebook status to inform others of scams etc but again by trying to warn others they are in fact doing exactly what the “scammers” want.

Here’s the latest, an “UnNamed App Internal SpyBot Hoax”…

ALERT >>>>> Has your facebook been running slow lately? Go to “Settings” and select “application settings”, change the dropdown box to “added to profile”. If you see one in there called “un named app” delete it… Its an internal spybot. Pass it on. about a minute ago….i checked and it was on mine.

it is NOT a virus or spyware, it is your “Boxes” tab, and Facebook is going to be getting rid of it soon, you can remove it yourself from your edit applications list if you want… not sure if Facebook will be replacing it with something else yet.

“Due to a small bug, an application listed as ‘Unnamed App’ appeared in some users’ Applications Settings,” spokeswoman Malorie Lucich said in an e-mail to CNN. “No user accounts or data were lost or damaged.”

Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2010/TECH/01/27/facebook.bug/

Please also be aware that when searching for this on Google I ended up at a page which wil tell you that your pc needs a scan (this is malware/spyware). So please be careful, it seems that whoever started this facebook “status” is just trying to get people googling and direct you to this harmful page.