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HTC DropBox Free 25GB – How to Get It

Got my new HTC One X today and it told me i could get a free 25GB Dropbox account!

Yay! i thought! free space!

But… There are things you need to do to get this space!

Create a dropbox account (i think you can also use an existing one)
htc dropbox free 25gb

You must click and go through at least 5 of the items on the “Getting Started” page (when logged in):

I did the following 5:

1. Take the Drop Box Tour
(Just click the link and then go back to the getting Started Page)

2. Put Files in your DropBox folder
(I just uploaded a random photo)

3. Share a folder with friends
(i just created a folder and shared it with one of my other email accounts, then deleted the folder)

4. Invite Some Friends to Join DropBox
(I just invited another of my own email accounts)

5. Install DropBox on your mobile device
(This should already be completed as it is already on your HTC phone)

Once you have done 5 of these things you should get an email from Dropbox saying you have another 23Gb for 24mths.
You may need to log out back in once you receive this email.