Vodafone Mobile Connect software blocking websites?

Been having a problem for a while now…

We have various vodafone mobile connect devices in our company.
When the Mobile Connect software is installed on any of our user’s laptops they can connect to every site on the web except for our company websites. Sometimes it loads the web page title and stops other times it will just timeout.

We have a few sites hosted on the same (shared) IP address and all of these (including this site, as it’s on the same host) are inaccessble if the mobile connect software is installed. Even if we are connecting through our own wired or wireless office network.

I am certain that it is the vodafone mobile conect software causing this because as soon as the software is uninstalled our websites are instantly accessible again.

This is a very strange problem. I have googled it but havent found anyone else with this same problem.

Has anyone else had this problem? it’s obvioulsy a pain for our guys to keep uninstalling the software just to view our own websites and reinstalling when they leave the office.

I’ve emailed Vodafone today so will see what they say.