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Blackberry Email Setup doesn’t work after OS 6 update

So, I had my email accounts nicely setup on my Blackberry (on Vodafone but this is irrelevant).
I updated to OS 6 and both my email accounts continued to send/receive email absolutely fine.


I later changed my email password for one of the accounts…

I received the usual message from blackberry a short time later telling me that it couldn’t access the Email account.
not a problem, i thought… i’ll just go into “Set-Up” then “Email Accounts” and change the password….
WRONG! … I clicked the Email Accounts icon… NOTHING! didn’t do anything!

“Bugger!” was the first thing i thought…

Eventually figured out that for some reason the Blackberry “Email Accounts / Email Setup” Application wasn’t even installed!

To rectify this very annoying problem…

  • 1. Simply plug your sync cable between your blackberry and pc
  • 2. Open the “Blackberry Desktop Software”
  • 3. Click “Applications” and find “Email Setup” in the list
    (see below)
  • 4. If there’s a “+” button click this then click “Apply” at the bottom and it will install the Email Setup (takes a minute or two)
  • 5. Wait for your pc and blackberry to finish installing
  • 6. You should now be able to configure your email accounts on your blackberry!

Hope this helps you get ur email sorted on your BB, if it does or even if it doesn’t please tweet me

Update: Vodafone Mobile Connect software blocking websites?

Update 26/10/2011:

(Here’s the original post)

I emailed Vodafone with pretty much the same text as in my first post, here is the copied & pasted response…

Hello Alan,

Alan, as per your confirmation I have deleted your online account. As you are facing problems with the handset it needs to be checked manually to find out the exact error in your phone. I would recommend you to visit the nearest store to check your phone manually once; if the problem is negligible then it can be fix it there and then. If the problem persists please get back to us with the confirmation for postal repairs.

To know about nearest store please click here

In order to arrange for a postal repair please get back to us with the following details:
1. Make and model of your phone:
2. Colour of the phone
3. IMEI number of the phone. You can get the IMEI number by dialling *#06# on your phone.
4. Brief description of the problem you are facing with your phone
5. Alternate contact number and alternate address

Also, if you have any data on your phone that you wish to back up (including contacts), please do so before you visit the post office. If you are not sure how to do this, you will find more information in the handbook. Once the phone has been posted it isn’t possible to retrieve information stored on the phone and it may be lost during the repair process.

Furthermore, water or physical damage is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and upon receipt if the repair centre discovers that your phone is damaged due to physical or water damage then we will be unable to repair your phone and will return it to you un-repaired or inform you about the charges for repair.

Alternatively, you can call our Technical team on 08700700191 then select option 2 and then option 2 again. They will be able to assist you regarding this matter. You can call them any time between 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

I trust I was cordiale enough in providing you the information.

Kind regards,

Kanika Dham
Vodafone Customer Services

Thankfully my online account has not actually been deleted!

Received a tweet from @VodafoneUK this morning saying:

Ive asked one of the team to pick up your eForum post this morning and they’ll be in touch shortly ^SM

Hoping someone will get back to me with some kind of coherent response.

As an aside, i’ve tried hunting for the latest version of the vodafone connect software, i managed to stumble (after about 45 mins of looking) upon a download link (in the business section of the website) but when clicked the link was dead!

Vodafone Mobile Connect software blocking websites?

Been having a problem for a while now…

We have various vodafone mobile connect devices in our company.
When the Mobile Connect software is installed on any of our user’s laptops they can connect to every site on the web except for our company websites. Sometimes it loads the web page title and stops other times it will just timeout.

We have a few sites hosted on the same (shared) IP address and all of these (including this site, as it’s on the same host) are inaccessble if the mobile connect software is installed. Even if we are connecting through our own wired or wireless office network.

I am certain that it is the vodafone mobile conect software causing this because as soon as the software is uninstalled our websites are instantly accessible again.

This is a very strange problem. I have googled it but havent found anyone else with this same problem.

Has anyone else had this problem? it’s obvioulsy a pain for our guys to keep uninstalling the software just to view our own websites and reinstalling when they leave the office.

I’ve emailed Vodafone today so will see what they say.