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Virgin Media Tivo Update – My Shows list has changed – how to change it back

You may have noticed your Tivo box software has upgraded and the onscreen menu style has changed (it’s now a more subtle purple instead of bright red).

Along with this change is a feature adding a column to the left of your recorded items list.

The new “categories” view

If you don’t want this you can hide the left column making it look like it used to.

With categories hidden

Here’s how..

  1. Press the Green button
  2. Move down to the menu option “Left column [Show Categories]” and press the OK button
  3. Move down and select “Hide left column”
  4. Press OK or the Green button to confirm changes.

Easy as pie!

Blackberry Email Setup doesn’t work after OS 6 update

So, I had my email accounts nicely setup on my Blackberry (on Vodafone but this is irrelevant).
I updated to OS 6 and both my email accounts continued to send/receive email absolutely fine.


I later changed my email password for one of the accounts…

I received the usual message from blackberry a short time later telling me that it couldn’t access the Email account.
not a problem, i thought… i’ll just go into “Set-Up” then “Email Accounts” and change the password….
WRONG! … I clicked the Email Accounts icon… NOTHING! didn’t do anything!

“Bugger!” was the first thing i thought…

Eventually figured out that for some reason the Blackberry “Email Accounts / Email Setup” Application wasn’t even installed!

To rectify this very annoying problem…

  • 1. Simply plug your sync cable between your blackberry and pc
  • 2. Open the “Blackberry Desktop Software”
  • 3. Click “Applications” and find “Email Setup” in the list
    (see below)
  • 4. If there’s a “+” button click this then click “Apply” at the bottom and it will install the Email Setup (takes a minute or two)
  • 5. Wait for your pc and blackberry to finish installing
  • 6. You should now be able to configure your email accounts on your blackberry!

Hope this helps you get ur email sorted on your BB, if it does or even if it doesn’t please tweet me