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connection to the server was reset in Hotmail, Firefox

Been having trouble logging into hotmail the last few days, after entering username and password, just get an error saying:

“The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading”

To clear this and actually log on to your hotmail just do the following:

if you have the “Web Developer Toolbar” plugin:
Click Miscellaneous > Clear Private Data > HTTP Authentication

If you don’t have the plugin:

  1. When in Firefox hold down:
    Ctrl + Shift + Del together
  2. Tick “Active Logins
  3. Click “Clear Now” button

Try and log into hotmail again and it will let you in, at last!

Don’t want to sign into messenger when using hotmail?

I discovered that when using hotmail on my new Windows 7 laptop it automatically signs me into msn / live messenger. After trying to find a setting somewhere to disable this feature i have finally found it (and it’s really very easy)…

I discovered that all you need to do to stop messenger logging in every time you check your email, just log into hotmail as usual, click your name in the top right, or open the messenger list and click “Sign out of messenger”.

How to stop MSN / Live Messenger loading in Hotmail

This will permanently sign you out of messenger in hotmail, and only hotmail.
If you are logged in on the normal desktop app you will stay logged in.

If you sign out / close your browser and sign back in to hotmail, messenger won’t load leaving you free to check your emails in peace!