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View Google Checkout sales and invoices after upgrade to Google Wallet

Logged on this morning to find that my Google Checkout account had been changed to Google Wallet.

Not a huge deal i thought, until i realised that i couldn’t access my sales and invoices etc.

Easy way around this is to type this into the address bar


This will take you to the checkout seller tools for orders and payments.

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Google Checkout Fees – Same as PayPal after 5th May 2009

I’m disgusted at the changes that will be made to Google Checkout fees after 5th May.
The only reason I chose to use Google Checkout over PayPal for transaction processing is because of the transaction fees being considerably lower and now i find that Google are making them EXACTLY the same as PayPal! They could at least have made them a bit less!

The website i am running makes nowhere near £1500 a month (i am only trying to make a bit of extra cash) but i see my rates shooting up from 1.5% to 3.4% and to get back to anywhere near the old rate i have to be earning £55,000 per month!! My household’s combined income doesn’t even come close to that working full time!!

I guess what with being one of the worlds largest organisations Google weren’t making enough money from the old 1.5% + 20p per transaction ?!
I like Google and it’s services and use almost all of them. I have never had any complaints or gripes with anything Google has done (except maybe gmail going down for a while recently)
Just a bit annoyed. Why is it always the “little guy” who gets penalised?

Rant Over!

For reference:

Google’s Fees: