Compare CSS Stylesheet Tool

CSS is a standard used to define Web site presentation styles.
When a Web designer creates a CSS stylesheet for a site, he will evolve it through multiple versions with incremental changes.

This tool provides a solution that allows a web designer to clearly see the differences between two different css stylesheet files (classes only, not values)

Compare CSS Stylesheets

A webpage that takes two CSS files and compares the classes contained in both. Resulting differences are highlighted in red.

Click the “Compare CSS Tool” link below and simply upload the css files you want to compare and click the compare button.

Compare CSS Tool


  1. Alan Hart (Post author)

    I have also added textarea below results for easy copy and paste of CSS code (This also has optional “(!)” flag)

  2. Alan Hart (Post author)

    I have now added (!) to each difference so you can use your browser search function (F3 key) to find / cycle through all differences quickly and easily (saves tired eyes) :o)

  3. head

    Alan, can you add some spice to your tool?
    I mean an extra text fields with those differences for easier copying them (in addition to comparison results table, which ain’t good for :)

    Anyway tnx, you just saved me about an hour.

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