Shocking Video Of Train Slamming Into Pram!

A six-month-old boy has miraculously survived a train slamming into his pram after it rolled off an Australian railway platform.

The collision happened as a city-bound service pulled up to Ashburton station, in a Melbourne suburb.

CCTV footage shows the boy’s mother taking her hands off the three-wheeler pram’s handles and failing to notice as it slowly edges towards the tracks.

The mum suddenly spots the baby carrier picking up speed and she rushes with outstretched arms to try to save her young child.

But the pram tips over the edge of the platform and the baby slams onto the tracks head first.

Before the boy can be rescued, the train powers past, horrifying the mother and other waiting passengers.

The footage ends with the frantic mum and a man running up to the driver, who has just stopped the 250-ton vehicle.

Australia’s Herald Sun said the train ploughed into the pram at about 35km/h, dragging the child along beneath the front carriage.

But the boy was hauled from the tracks with little more than a bump on his head.

Paramedic Jon Wright said the six-month-old just “needed a feed and a nap”.

“Luckily, he was strapped into his pram at the time, which probably saved his life. I think the child’s extremely lucky,” the paramedic told the paper.

“Fortunately the train was slowing as it pulled into the station.”

Rail firm Connex is to investigate how the pram rolled off the platform and the train driver will be offered counselling.