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Possible Scam – Unsolicited Parcels – Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire Trading Standards have received two calls from vulnerable adults living in Thame who have recently received expensive goods through the post that they have not ordered from a well-known mail order company.

On one occasion, the consumer received a telephone call from an unknown caller shortly after receiving the parcel to arrange for collection of the parcel from the consumer’s home. The consumer had not contacted anyone about the parcel – this was an unsolicited call.

Soon afterwards a tall black male wearing a yellow hi-viz jacket arrived at the consumer’s home and collected the parcel, no receipt was provided.

Both consumers are now being pursued by the mail order company for payment of the items.

Anyone living in the South Oxfordshire or Vale of White Horse area who experience this kind of behaviour are being asked to telephone Thames Valley Police on 101 and quote URN 706 of 13/07/12.


Free Advice about Consumer Rights is available by telephoning the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline: 08454 04 05 06


Further information to help a consumer be ‘scam aware’ is available via the Oxfordshire County Council website at:

Security Centre Could Not Change Automatic Update Settings – Windows XP

Had a very annoying problem with Automatic Update & Security Centre on Windows XP earlier today.

Had the red icon warning that automatic updates were turned off. Clicked the icon which opens Windows Security Centre tried to enable Automatic Updates but wouldn’t work instead it gave me a lovely message stating

“Security Centre Could Not Change Automatic Update Settings”

… very helpful!

I found out that somehow Windows XP had gone a little screwy on the Windows Update side of things and more importantly i found out how to get Windows Update & Security Centre talking nicely to each other.

Here’s how I fixed this problem:

Click Start, select Run  (or hold WinKey + R) and type:

regsvr32 wuapi.dll

Press enter after this and wait for the success message

“DllRegisterServer in filename.dll succeeded”

Then do the same for all the files below:

regsvr32 wuaueng.dll
regsvr32 atl.dll
regsvr32 wucltui.dll
regsvr32 wups.dll

Hope this helps you. If it does give me a tweet and let me know :)
If not, i guess it’s back to Google for you!


Note: There may be another reason for this…

If, when visiting the Windows Update website and searching for available updates, you see the 0x8007043B error

This error may occur if WUAUSERV and BITS services are not configured correctly in the windows registry.
See Microsoft article here:

How to Stop Virgin Media Superhub Wireless Connection Dropping Out

You may have noticed that your Virgin Media SuperHub will sometimes drop out, maybe every 5-10 minutes! Or maybe your wireless is not working at all.

The problem could be that the software (called firmware) embedded in the Super Hub has problems when set above 802.11 B/G.

This is obviously rather annoying if you want to utilise more than 54mbps of your broadband connection over wi-fi.
This issue is not a virgin media service problem.
If you don’t mind being limited to lower speeds, You can set your Super Hub to work at 54Mbps in the 2.4GHz band. Doing this should resolve any of these annoying intermittent / dropping connection issues.

You can do this by visiting (or whatever the IP of your superhub is) and click “Advanced”.
Then click the Wireless Settings section and change 802.11 mode to “Up to 54Mbps” and 802.11N Band to “2.4GHz”.
The Security Mode will not make any difference to the overall performance.

iTunes – You do not have enough access privileges for this operation

Just synced my iPhone to iTunes after purchasing an album, but it failed syncing the newly purchased album with the error:

“You do not have enough access privileges for this operation”

To fix this problem (I’m using Windows 7, so you might need to do this slightly differently if you’re not)…

1. Open iTunes
2. Click "Edit" in the top menu bar
3. Click "Preferences"
4. Click the "Advanced" icon
5. Highlight and copy (Ctrl+C) the iTunes Media folder location
6. Open My Computer, click in the address bar, paste (Ctrl+V) the folder location and hit enter
7. Right-click and click properties and make absolutely sure you have write permissions (NOT READ ONLY) and apply to subfolders & files .


If this post helps you please share it with others or tweet me to say thanks :)

How To See Total Recycle Bin Size – Easily!

I wanted to be able to see the total size of my recycle bin and was surprised to learn that this feature doesn’t exist in Windows 7!

I wanted to  be able to instantly see if the recycle bin size was getting too big and to empty the recycle bin without having to minimize windows etc, saving a few clicks (Every second counts!).

I came across this useful tool called MiniBin…

MiniBin is a free (and small) recycle bin size viewing tool for your Windows system tray area (the area next to the clock in your taskbar).

MiniBin - Recycle bin System Tray Tool Icon

Besides saving you a few clicks, Minibin may also come handy when you are hiding the recycle bin from your desktop or if you are using a replacement shell that provides a system tray but no usable or customizable recycle bin.

Whatever reason you have to use Minibin, It’s fast and easy as well as totally customisable. MiniBin even lets you use your own icons, use your own language… and it’s it’s 100% portable (you can choose to run at startup etc or just choose to install it to a folder (no registry entries or anything installed to system folders)

A few cool things about MiniBin:
– Tiny file size: only 312 KB when extracted!
– Sit’s in system tray – Mouse over icon to see recycle bin size info
– You can specify the recycle bin size at which the tray icon displays as full.
– Customisable icons – comes bundles with tons of icon themes!

I love MiniBin and i’ve only been using it for a few weeks!

Download it here… ( (100Kb)


Blackberry OS 6 remove menu trays \ disable frequent, favourites etc

Ever since upgrading to OS6 on my Curve 9300, I’ve wondered if there is a way to remove, disable, delete or hide menu trays (“Frequent – Favourites – Media – Downloads”)

All I want, and have ever needed, is one tray (logically the “All” tray) the ones i dont use regularly i can hide, and unhide when i need them.

I find that the sometimes overly sensitive optical pad (or roller ball) shifts across to the next/previous menu tray and its REALLY annoying!

Here’s how you can remove the extra menu trays:

1. Go to the free themes on the official Blackberry mobile site…

You can goto and navigate your way to Free Themes
Click straight here:

(Note: You may need to choose your Blackberry model)

2. Then download a different theme without trays. I downloaded this nice simple theme called “Stich Theme” ( and changed the wallpaper to one of my own choice, but you can experiment and find another theme that works for you.

I will be keeping my fingers crossed for an update to disable the menu trays, but i definitely wont be holding my breath!

Note: Changing icons on the Blackberry Stitch Theme
The icons displayed on the home screen are the first 4 icons in your menu.
The first icon is displayed on main bit of the home screen. The next three icon spots are displayed the three small icons on the bottom banner.

To change the icons on the home screen:
1. Bring up your menu screen and move the cursor over the application you want on your homescreen then click the menu button.
2. Select “Move” and move the icon to one of the first four spots at the top of your menu.

How to Disable Javascript in your Browser

You can easily disable javascript in any browser completely or you can disable javascript for a specific site/domain in the Chrome Browser.

Note: Make sure you remember to re-enable javascript when you’re done!

Internet Explorer:
1. Click the little gear (top right)
2. Click “Internet Options”
3. Choose the “Security” Tab
4. Click “Custome Level…” Button (near the bottom)
5. Scroll down to the “Scripting Section”
6. Locate the Active scripting subheading and select the “Disable” radio button.
If you would rather be prompted each time a website attempts to launch any javascript code, select the “Prompt” radio button instead.

1. Click the spanner icon (“Customise and Control Google Chrome”)
2. Click “Options”
3. Click “Under the Bonnet”
4. Click the “Content Settings…” button at the top (next to where it says “Privacy”)
5. In the “Javascript” section make sure that “Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)” is selected
6. then click the “Manage Exceptions…” button
7. Select “Block” from the drop down box
8. Enter the hostname in the text box:
9. Hit Enter

(to remove this javascript block for after the “blackout” just goto the same “Manage exceptions” page hover your mouse over the wikipedia entry you added and click “X”)

1. On your keyboard hold down “Alt+T” together then tap “O”
2. Click the “Content” icon
3. Untick “Enable Javascript”
This will disable javascript on ALL sites you visit until you tick “Enable Javascript” box again

1. Open Safari
2. On your keyboard hold down the “Ctrl” key and tap the comma [,] key
3. Select the “Security” icon
4. untick “Enable JavaScript”

Google Chrome – Disable Recently Visited Sites in New Tab

Sometimes you don’t want (or don’t want anyone else) to see a list of the last few pages you have visited in chrome.

To default to a different view whenever you
At the bottom of a new tab there are two options “Most Visited” and “Apps”. If you click “Apps” Chrome will now default to the Apps page instead of the Recently / Most visited page whenever you open a new tab.

At the time of writing there is no way to actually disable this recently visited sites page / thumbnails but you can install a 3rd party plugin such as Incredible Start Page which allows you to customise the new tab page really well.

View Google Checkout sales and invoices after upgrade to Google Wallet

Logged on this morning to find that my Google Checkout account had been changed to Google Wallet.

Not a huge deal i thought, until i realised that i couldn’t access my sales and invoices etc.

Easy way around this is to type this into the address bar

This will take you to the checkout seller tools for orders and payments.

Tweet me (@alanhart) if this helped you.

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