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Netflix move display to second monitor – Windows 8 Metro UI

Move the Netflix Windows 8 App (and any other MetroUI application) to your second monitor.

You can use these basic Win 8 keyboard shortcuts to toggle which monitor Netflix appears on…

Windows Key + PgUp (Move Tiles to the Left)
Windows Key + PgDown (Move Tiles to the Right)

Easy as pie!

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I’m an Individual by Jezilyn Martyn supporting BeatBullying

One of my lovely twitter followers has released her lovely anti-bullying single, ‘I’m an individual’ a percentage of the proceeds go to beatbullying uk

Please check it out and download if you like it (or even if you dont – it’s for a good cause!)

Listen & Buy on iTunes.
Listen & Buy on Amazon:


URL Redirect Check Tool – 301 Redirect Checker

I have made simple Redirect Check Tool.This tool can quickly and easily tell you if an URL redirects to another, the URL where it redirects to and the response headers returned by the server.

This is useful for SEO purposes and also if you have asked your web hosting company to make 301 redirect changes on your behlaf and you wish to check everything redirects OK

Enter an URL in the form below and you’ll be taken to the results page where you will see the URL header response code (type of redirect) and where the URL redirects to.

Enter URL to check

See more of my handy tools here: Tools


Compare CSS Stylesheet Tool – Update

In December 2010 i made my compare stylesheet tool available on my site for everyone.

It had a few shortcomings (pointed out to me by a few of you) so I’ve made some nice additions! Hurrah!

What does it do?
For those who don’t already know, CSS is a standard used to define Web site presentation styles.
When a Web designer creates a CSS stylesheet for a site, he will evolve it through multiple versions with incremental changes.

This tool allows a web designer to clearly see the differences between two css stylesheet files (classes only, not values)

Compare CSS Stylesheets

A webpage that takes two CSS files and compares the classes contained in both. Resulting differences are highlighted in red.


  • Optional flag “(!)” can be added next to every difference for quick & easy text search.
  • Text boxes at bottom of page for easy copy and paste of CSS code (also with optional “(!)” flag for easy text search)
  • Usage:
    Click the “Compare CSS Tool” link below and simply upload the css files you want to compare and click the compare button.

    Compare CSS Tool


EKM Powershop – Adwords Conversion Value – Add Order Value to Your Adwords Code

When logged into your account on the successful checkout page (Settings > Checkout > Order Complete Page)
QuickLink if you’re already logged in is:

Paste the google adwords javascript with the ekm tag [ekm:totalcost_number_only] where conversion value needs to go (in both the javascript and noscript bits of the code.)

Here’s  code example (with made up conversion id and label data):
this data goes at the bottom of the successful checkout page source

 <!– Google Code for Sale Conversion Page –>

<script type=”text/javascript”>

/* <![CDATA[ */

var google_conversion_id = 1234567890;

var google_conversion_language = “en”;

var google_conversion_format = “3”;

var google_conversion_color = “ffffff”;

var google_conversion_label = “ab-CDEfghIJKlMn1_AB”;

var google_conversion_value = [ekm:totalcost_number_only];

/* ]]> */


<script type=”text/javascript” src=””>



<div style=”display:inline;”>

<img height=”1″ width=”1″ style=”border-style:none;” alt=”” src=” [ekm:totalcost_number_only] &label= ab-CDEfghIJKlMn1_AB &guid=ON&script=0″/>




  1. If you have more than one payment method e.g. telephone, paypal etc you will need to add this code to the source of each payment method’s “checkout complete” page.
  2. The ekm powershop database/server code escapes any (“) with a slash e.g. (\”)
    it double escapes this if the user changes something then updates the page source again
    replacing every double quote (“) in the google code with single (‘) will prevent this happening.
  3. Make sure you do a dummy run throught the checkout process and view page source on the order complete page to verify the code looks as it should.


If you have more than one payment method e.g. telephone, paypal etc you will need to add this code to the source of each payment method’s “checkout complete” page.

XML Twitter Feed Not Working? The Twitter Feed XML has been removed/changed

Looks like twitter have turned off XML feeds…

Here’s where you can find XML feed for your tweets:

You can also use (Thanks to @steveclarkcouk for this one) …

(This includes all the original xml fields. Change “count=2” to retrieve more than 2 tweets)

*Obviously replace “AlanHart” with your username ;)

Hope this helps someone!

There are a few changes:

As an example: I am loading the xml into a cache file and updating this every 5 minutes (keeps it up to date but stops each webpage request hammering twitter)

I then load the XML from the cache file into a VAR:

$xml = simplexml_load_file($cache_file);

var_dump($xml); // will show the array data for debugging

And output for each tweet:

foreach($xml->channel->item as $entry) {echo ($entry->title);}

Differences i have noticed:

1. The xml is nested differently:

Used to be: $xml -> status

Now: $xml ->channel->item

2. User Profile Picture

used to be: $entry->user->profile_image_url (This no longer exists)

3. Tweet text

used to be: $entry->text (this is now: $entry->title)

4. Tweet Date

used to be: $entry->created_at (this now: $entry->pubDate)

02033011048 – phone number – keeps calling

I kept getting (and ignoring) calls from this phone number 02033011048.

Today i answered it and the girl on the other end said she was calling on behalf of a *mumbled* telecommunications / vodafone.

She said my phone was due for an upgrade, and it was (about a month ago). i told her this and she hung up.

I’m guessing this is one of those companies trying to switch me over to their account or something?

If you’ve answered one of these calls or have had a call from this number please post a comment for all to see.

Change ThinkPad Edge Fn Keys Back to Normal Function Keys

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge Laptops come with standard F1-F12 function keys disabled by default here’s how to change them back to work as normal.

After racking my brains and google not coming up with anything i eventually tracked it down to the BIOS.

I did this on a ThinkPad Edge E520 i’m guessing other ThinkPad Edge Laptops may be the same?
(please comment or tweet me if this worked on a different model, so i can update this post)

  1. Restart or Turn on your ThinkPad Edge
  2. Tap the ENTER key repeatedly (NOT RETURN – this doesn’t work)
  3. tap F1 to go into the BIOS
  4. Tap the Right Cursor/Arrow key once to move to [CONFIG]
  5. Go down to [KEYBOARD / MOUSE] Hit Enter/Return
  6. Go to [Change to “F1-F12 keys”]
  7. Tap Enter/Return and choose [Legacy]
  8. Hold Down Fn+F10 to save & exit
  9. Choose [YES] (tap Enter/Return)
  10. That’s it! Yay! Your function keys are now back to normal!

Please comment or tweet me if this worked on a different model, so i can update this post

HTC DropBox Free 25GB – How to Get It

Got my new HTC One X today and it told me i could get a free 25GB Dropbox account!

Yay! i thought! free space!

But… There are things you need to do to get this space!

Create a dropbox account (i think you can also use an existing one)
htc dropbox free 25gb

You must click and go through at least 5 of the items on the “Getting Started” page (when logged in):

I did the following 5:

1. Take the Drop Box Tour
(Just click the link and then go back to the getting Started Page)

2. Put Files in your DropBox folder
(I just uploaded a random photo)

3. Share a folder with friends
(i just created a folder and shared it with one of my other email accounts, then deleted the folder)

4. Invite Some Friends to Join DropBox
(I just invited another of my own email accounts)

5. Install DropBox on your mobile device
(This should already be completed as it is already on your HTC phone)

Once you have done 5 of these things you should get an email from Dropbox saying you have another 23Gb for 24mths.
You may need to log out back in once you receive this email.

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