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Blackberry OS 6 remove menu trays \ disable frequent, favourites etc

Ever since upgrading to OS6 on my Curve 9300, I’ve wondered if there is a way to remove, disable, delete or hide menu trays (“Frequent – Favourites – Media – Downloads”)

All I want, and have ever needed, is one tray (logically the “All” tray) the ones i dont use regularly i can hide, and unhide when i need them.

I find that the sometimes overly sensitive optical pad (or roller ball) shifts across to the next/previous menu tray and its REALLY annoying!

Here’s how you can remove the extra menu trays:

1. Go to the free themes on the official Blackberry mobile site…

You can goto mobile.blackberry.com and navigate your way to Free Themes
Click straight here: http://m.bplay.com/themes/list/price/free

(Note: You may need to choose your Blackberry model)

2. Then download a different theme without trays. I downloaded this nice simple theme called “Stich Theme” (http://m.bplay.com/themes/stitch-theme) and changed the wallpaper to one of my own choice,┬ábut you can experiment and find another theme that works for you.

I will be keeping my fingers crossed for an update to disable the menu trays, but i definitely wont be holding my breath!

Note: Changing icons on the Blackberry Stitch Theme
The icons displayed on the home screen are the first 4 icons in your menu.
The first icon is displayed on main bit of the home screen. The next three icon spots are displayed the three small icons on the bottom banner.

To change the icons on the home screen:
1. Bring up your menu screen and move the cursor over the application you want on your homescreen then click the menu button.
2. Select “Move” and move the icon to one of the first four spots at the top of your menu.