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Google Checkout Fees – Same as PayPal after 5th May 2009

I’m disgusted at the changes that will be made to Google Checkout fees after 5th May.
The only reason I chose to use Google Checkout over PayPal for transaction processing is because of the transaction fees being considerably lower and now i find that Google are making them EXACTLY the same as PayPal! They could at least have made them a bit less!

The website i am running makes nowhere near £1500 a month (i am only trying to make a bit of extra cash) but i see my rates shooting up from 1.5% to 3.4% and to get back to anywhere near the old rate i have to be earning £55,000 per month!! My household’s combined income doesn’t even come close to that working full time!!

I guess what with being one of the worlds largest organisations Google weren’t making enough money from the old 1.5% + 20p per transaction ?!
I like Google and it’s services and use almost all of them. I have never had any complaints or gripes with anything Google has done (except maybe gmail going down for a while recently)
Just a bit annoyed. Why is it always the “little guy” who gets penalised?

Rant Over!

For reference:

Google’s Fees:


Google Favicon Updated

Just noticed that google have chaged their favicon (the little icon that shows in the title/tab bar in Web browsers)

I’m not sure i like it, looks a bit boring and makes it harder for me to spot among all my open tabs, also looks naff both on a white and grey backround!

Probably google changing their branding or something or might just be doing it as a buzz creating exercise.

What do you think?