Call-Value: Automated CallValue Marketing Call

I’ve been getting automatic calls from Callvalue every 2 weeks on my work phone (not a public number) for quite some time. It’s been starting to get to me, so i looked it up on the net only to find no reference to any company called CallValue.

If you are also receiving these calls regularly press 2 to speak to an operator. then you can ask to have your number removed.

The last time I managed to speak to an “operator”, please note that I dont like taking out my anger on the people at the receiving end becuase in most cases it’s not their fault and not very productive, so i tried to get some info out of him. He told me that they were in Brighton, and that they worked for this Callvalue company, and not a third party marketing company. He didn’t seem very knowledgeable about the company but he’d assured me that I wasn’t on the list anymore.

I managed to get through to them a few weeks ago, and I asked to be taken off their list (again), however i’m still receiving these automated calls.

some useful information from the TPS site.

8. Will registering with TPS reduce the receipt of recorded messages?

No. Organisations that use recorded phone message to try and sell or promote their products or business have to comply with the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

These say that marketers who leave recorded phone messages must obtain the prior consent of the subscriber before they can make that call. Where a subscriber receives a recorded phone message they haven’t agreed to there may have been a breach of the regulations.

If you are receiving recorded messages and have not given prior permission, you can complain directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

more interesting info:……3.1_081007.pdf

Specifically the following excerpt:…

“How do I stop unsolicited automated calls?

Contact the marketer and tell them to stop. They are legally obliged to provide you with their contact details in their marketing message. They are also legally obliged to stop calling you when you ask them to.”

The interesting thing is that they are legally obliged to provide you with their contact details in their marketing message. In the CallValue marketing message, they only say “press 2 now” i wouldn’t exactly call that “contact details”

Just thought i’d put this out there in case it helps anyone else who was still trying to get them to stop… as it appears that they’re not following ICO regulations.

I’m curious to see if anyone else has been getting these calls or is it just me?

What you may have searched for: CallValue , Call-Value, Call Value, CallValue-UK, Automatic marketing message.

Win a T-Shirt signed by the KAISER CHIEFS

Kaiser-Chiefs-Signed-TShirtWin a charity T Shirt signed by the KAISER CHIEFS

My friend Radio DJ Coral Rose was at the BBC radio 1 Big weekend and the Kaiser Chiefs signed a charity T Shirt which she has kindly given to the Starlight Children’s Foundation charity to raffle to raise funds.

Tickets are £1 each and they are available on their website


The winner of the charity T- Shirt signed by the Kaiser Chiefs raffle which was drawn at 5pm on Friday 28th of Septmber at the Charity Headquarters is Richard Bastow from Ilkley, Yorkshire. The total raised was £313. A big thank you to every one who bought tickets and supported this fantastic cause.

Coral Rose and Kasier Chiefs Signed T-Shirt Winner

The Aviva Walk to Breakthrough Breast Cancer

One of my friends is doing a 44km (27.3 mile) sponsored walk on 8th September 2007 to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Her fundraising goal is £500.

Click the link below to see how much she has managed to raise so far and, if your feeling in a generous and charitable mood today, why not sponsor her.

Any donation makes a real difference in the fight against breast cancer.

Lilly (New Puppy)

We got a new puppy last friday, she’s a Jack Russell called Lilly and she’s so cute!

Click pics to enlarge.

Lilly_2 Lilly_3 Lilly
Lilly sleeping on Ralph Lilly in the Garden Lilly all curled up

Annoying call centre phone calls

I’m always randomly getting phone calls on my mobile from various numbers (usually: 02920 368700)

06/06/06 @ 20:41
07/06/06 @ 18:57
08/06/06 @ 09:46
08/06/06 @ 16:23
26/10/06 @ 15:34 from 02920 368705

*updated 01/2008*
11/01/08 @ 14:40 from 02392 604460
12/01/08 @ 11:38 from 02392 604460
14/01/08 @ 10:35 from 02392 604460
15/01/08 @ 14:12 from 02392 604460
15/01/08 @ 16:51 from 02392 604460
16/01/08 @ 10:41 from 02392 604460
I Searched for this number on the net and found an old blog entry from 2005, and another entry in GoogleCache from

I’m not answering them. I think it’s a scam to try and get you to switch phone contracts, without you realising you are switching. They pose as your service provider, ask you to do a security check to get your postcode and house number, and that’s all the details they need to switch you over. They’ll probably say they can get you an upgrade to a newer phone too. (I read an article about this in this months which? magazine)

Just thought i’d stick this out on the InterWeb for everyone.

These are other ways of writing the number which you might have searched for:
02920 368700, 02920368700, 02920 368 700
[new number: 02920368705, 02920 368705, 02920 368 705]
[new number: 02392604460, 02392 604460, 02392 604 460] * updated 01/2008

If you’ve answered one of these calls or have had a call from this number please post a comment for all to see.