Modelio Photo Editing and Enhancing

Check out Modelio for professional quality photo editing at an affordable price.

Whatever type of photo you have and for whatever purpose…
Photos of just anything Yourself, Family, Friends, Pets, Cars etc

Whether you want a professional looking profile picture for Facebook, MySpace etc or whether you want a professional photo to just print and frame.

Modelio photo editing offer the following and much more:

Cleaning backgrounds (e.g. removing objects / people)
complete background removal.
Fixing digital camera photos that have weird colouration
Level Adjustment
Enhancing slightly blurry/fuzzy images
red eye removal
teeth whitening
stray hair removal
spot/blemish removal etc etc.

Check it out here:

Facebook chat emoticons, emotes and smilies / icons

This article has been updated:
Updated: Facebook chat emoticons, emotes and smilies / icons

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Want to add smilies to your Facebook chat conversations?

Here are the obvious (and maybe less obvious) smilies / emoticons / emotes that you can send to your friends in Facebook chat!

Simply type what’s next to the smiley and it’ll show up when u send it to your friends in Facebook chat!

smile = :-) or :) or :] or =)

frown = :-( or :( or :[ or =(

tongue = :-P or :P or :-p or :p or =P

grin = :-D or :D or =D

gasp = :-O or :O or :-o or :o

wink = ;-) or ;)

glasses = 8-) or 8) or B-) or B)

sunglasses = 8-| or 8| or B-| or B|

grumpy = >:( or >:-(

unsure = :/ or :-/ or :\ or :-\

cry = :'(

devil = 3:) or 3:-)

angel = O:) or O:-)

kiss = :-* or :*

heart = <3

kiki = ^_^

squint = -_-

confused = o.O or O.o

upset = >:O or >:-O or >:o or >:-o

pacman = :v

Facebook Curly Lips Smily / Emote curly lips = :3

facebook robot emoticon robot = :|]

facebook Chris Putnam emoticon Chris Putnam = :putnam:


facebook shark emoticon Shark = (^^^)

penguin facebook emoticon Penguin = <(“)

42 emote = :42:

You can also change the text style:

Bold Text Bold Text = *Bold Text*

Underlined Text Underlined Text = _Underlined Text_

Bold & Underlined Text Bold Text = *_Bold and Underlined Text_*

This is a list of all currently known Facebook chat emoticons.
I’m sure Facebook will be adding more emoticons in the future and when they do i’ll update this post.

Google Favicon Updated

Just noticed that google have chaged their favicon (the little icon that shows in the title/tab bar in Web browsers)

I’m not sure i like it, looks a bit boring and makes it harder for me to spot among all my open tabs, also looks naff both on a white and grey backround!

Probably google changing their branding or something or might just be doing it as a buzz creating exercise.

What do you think?

Microsoft Banning XBox Live “Gay” Gamertags

Ok so i read this article about the Xbox Live user whose gamertag was barred because it violated XBL policies (you can’t have a sexual term in your name, regardless of sexual orientation). The incriminating gamertag was “RichardGaywood”. I can’t help but think that Microsoft’s policy is a little flawed. I know they have to appease everyone who uses their service and I know that there are some incredibly sensitive people on this planet

Microsoft’s Stephen Toulouse referred to the XBL Terms of Use in explaining why the user “TheGAYERGamer” received a ban, stating:

“Gamertags are visible to everyone and it would be hard for me to defend to a parent of a young child who saw it that the name did not contain content of a sexual nature.”

Surely it’s only offensive to someone who knows what this word means, a young child surely wouldn’t find this offensive even if he/she knew what it meant they’d probably find it funny and have a giggle about it. I believe it’s the parents who are over sensitive about things like this. I am also aware that there are a number of homophobes who may find anything to do with the word “gay” offensive but try and remember that the word gay actually means happy among other non-sexual things

By all means report anything you believe to violate the policy to XBL but if, as in the Richard Gaywood example, the person in question can actually prove that this is his/her real and legal name, it should be allowed to remain as their Gamertag and the person who complained should be notified that this is the case.

What other names/words could Microsoft ban gamertags for containing?

Want a Blu-Ray player?

Got an HD Ready TV? Want to play Blu-Ray Discs? Buy a PlayStation3 It plays blu rays and PS3 games as well as allowing you to surf the internet on your TV and more!. Plus it’s cheaper than many of the “blu-ray only” players currently on the market. being a games console it doesn’t come with a remote control but does come with a PS3 wireless controller (bluetooth) and you can always buy a ps3 remote control if you’re that way inclined

Loud boom heard at 23:55

i was just woken up by a loud boom, sounded a bit like thunder. my dogs went nuts outside so i know it wasn’t a dream or a figment of my imagination. I also heard what i believe to be the same loud rumble a few days ago, cant remember the day or time but it was earlier in the evening. If you have also heard this noise please comment stating the date/time and your location.

Easy to Play Poker and Make Money

I’ve been playing poker online for a while now and the best one (for me anyway) is PKR. I have made a nice bit of money from it, not a ton of cash but a tidy sum.

PKR is easy to play and get to grips with even if you’ve never played before.

You don’t have to play for real money to begin with, you have the option to play for “play money” and the game-play is exactly the same as “real money”

If you want to check it out for yourself click the image on the right or click here

If you’re new to poker or just want to know a bit more about the game PKR has some good guides or check out the Gambling-Addict site for Poker Info and Poker Gameplay Rules as well as some handy poker hand cards to cut out and keep to hand.

Europe-DNS, European & UK Domain Registration

I use Europe DNS for pretty much all my domain name registration needs, the prices are good and they give you full control over your domains.


They don’t just do european domains, they have every kind of domain available in one place including: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz (worldwide domains) and .mobi (mobile domains) as well as country specific domains such as (UK domains) and .ie (ireland domains).

Custom DNS Entries and Modifications as well as domain renewals are easy using their domain managment system .