Facebook UnNamed App is not a spybot!

People are following the usual activity of updating their facebook status to inform others of scams etc but again by trying to warn others they are in fact doing exactly what the “scammers” want.

Here’s the latest, an “UnNamed App Internal SpyBot Hoax”…

ALERT >>>>> Has your facebook been running slow lately? Go to “Settings” and select “application settings”, change the dropdown box to “added to profile”. If you see one in there called “un named app” delete it… Its an internal spybot. Pass it on. about a minute ago….i checked and it was on mine.

it is NOT a virus or spyware, it is your “Boxes” tab, and Facebook is going to be getting rid of it soon, you can remove it yourself from your edit applications list if you want… not sure if Facebook will be replacing it with something else yet.

“Due to a small bug, an application listed as ‘Unnamed App’ appeared in some users’ Applications Settings,” spokeswoman Malorie Lucich said in an e-mail to CNN. “No user accounts or data were lost or damaged.”


Please also be aware that when searching for this on Google I ended up at a page which wil tell you that your pc needs a scan (this is malware/spyware). So please be careful, it seems that whoever started this facebook “status” is just trying to get people googling and direct you to this harmful page.

Google Maps Streetview StoneHenge

I might be a bit slow on this but thought it was interesting enough to blog about.
Google have gone off-road with their StreetView camera and captured Stonehenge.

See stonehenge streetview below or View Streetview Stonehenge outside of the blog.

View Larger Map

Street View allows web users to view place as if walking along the street, exploring 360-degree images recorded from eye level.

But its cameras have also captured some embarrassing moments, including a man entering a sex shop and another being sick in the street.

The application allows users to access 360-degree views of roads and homes in 25 British towns and cities and includes photographs of millions of residential addresses, people and cars.

It has been hailed as a helpful tool for home hunters and tourists.

Change New Facebook News Feed to give it the old facebook look

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If, like me, you don’t like the new style Facebook Home / News feed why not change it to display only status updates, like the old facebook!
(this also get’s rid of those annoying “Bored Friend took the blahblahblah quiz” posts etc)

here is how to get the old facebook look:…

When logged into facebook Click “Home”

Look to the top left menu and click on More…


Then drag “Status Updates” to the top…


After dragging to top, click on it. It’s now your default facebook newsfeed, just like the old facebook.


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Shocking Video Of Train Slamming Into Pram!

A six-month-old boy has miraculously survived a train slamming into his pram after it rolled off an Australian railway platform.

The collision happened as a city-bound service pulled up to Ashburton station, in a Melbourne suburb.

CCTV footage shows the boy’s mother taking her hands off the three-wheeler pram’s handles and failing to notice as it slowly edges towards the tracks.

The mum suddenly spots the baby carrier picking up speed and she rushes with outstretched arms to try to save her young child.

But the pram tips over the edge of the platform and the baby slams onto the tracks head first.

Before the boy can be rescued, the train powers past, horrifying the mother and other waiting passengers.

The footage ends with the frantic mum and a man running up to the driver, who has just stopped the 250-ton vehicle.

Australia’s Herald Sun said the train ploughed into the pram at about 35km/h, dragging the child along beneath the front carriage.

But the boy was hauled from the tracks with little more than a bump on his head.

Paramedic Jon Wright said the six-month-old just “needed a feed and a nap”.

“Luckily, he was strapped into his pram at the time, which probably saved his life. I think the child’s extremely lucky,” the paramedic told the paper.

“Fortunately the train was slowing as it pulled into the station.”

Rail firm Connex is to investigate how the pram rolled off the platform and the train driver will be offered counselling.


If you have installed the latest Windows Serivce Pack 3 and after reboot noticed that the intermet has stopped workng and you get the errors:

“The procedure entry point apsGetInterfaceCount could not be located in the dynamic link library wlanapi.dll”


“The procedure entry point apsInitialize could not be located in the dynamic link library wlanapi.dll”

The solution is quite simple…

To get your D-link network adapter working properly under Windows.

1. It doesnt matter which D-link adapter you have. Dont bother trying new drivers yet.

2. Download this file which is the version of the file prior to the SP3 driver and is compatible with all D-Link versions.
Download wlanapi.dll (zipped) to fix Service Pack 3 D-Link problem.

4. Copy the downloaded file ” wlanapi.dll” to these folders:

“C:\ProgramFiles\D-Link\AirPlus G\” and “C:\ProgramFiles\ANI\ANIWZCS\”
Please Note: If this file already exists in these folders, rename the orginals or move them to a backup folder somewhere in case this fix doesn’t work.

5. Restart computer and it should work just as it did before SP3 was installed.

If this helped anyone would be nice if you could comment.

If this didn’t help, you could try this:

Sync USB Hard Drive on Vista – Sync Center Sucks

So i got myself a nice big 1.5TB USB External Hard Drive and wanted to sync folders in my Documents folder to that drive for safekeeping.

Easy right? Just use Vista’s SyncCenter? Well you can’t. Sync Center is only for network folder synchronisation and other “compatible” devices not most USB hard drives and memory sticks.

Luckily i discovered Microsoft’s SyncToy, an incredibly easy to use and uncomplicated folder sync application.

Just download SyncToy from the link below and install.

Download SyncToy 2.0 from Microsoft

Once installed, go to “Start” > “Programs” and click the  “SyncToy 2.0” Icon.

It’s pretty self explanatory to setup folder synchronisation, click “create a new folder pair” and choose the two folders you want to syncronise to each other.


Google Checkout Fees – Same as PayPal after 5th May 2009

I’m disgusted at the changes that will be made to Google Checkout fees after 5th May.
The only reason I chose to use Google Checkout over PayPal for transaction processing is because of the transaction fees being considerably lower and now i find that Google are making them EXACTLY the same as PayPal! They could at least have made them a bit less!

The website i am running makes nowhere near £1500 a month (i am only trying to make a bit of extra cash) but i see my rates shooting up from 1.5% to 3.4% and to get back to anywhere near the old rate i have to be earning £55,000 per month!! My household’s combined income doesn’t even come close to that working full time!!

I guess what with being one of the worlds largest organisations Google weren’t making enough money from the old 1.5% + 20p per transaction ?!
I like Google and it’s services and use almost all of them. I have never had any complaints or gripes with anything Google has done (except maybe gmail going down for a while recently)
Just a bit annoyed. Why is it always the “little guy” who gets penalised?

Rant Over!

For reference:

Google’s Fees:

Outlook auto-fill problem (clearing and removing individual email addresses)

Today i had the problem of eroneous email addresses appearing when auto filling the To, Cc and Bcc in Outlook. More of an annoyance than anything else, but still something i’d rather not have to put up with when using Outlook on a day to day basis.

Anyway below are the easiest two methods i’ve discovered for solving this Outlook E-mail auto-fill problem:…

To clear entire Outlook auto-fill / auto complete list:

  1. In the Toolbar go to Tools > Options
  2. Click [E-mail Options] then  [Advanced E-mail Options]
  3. Untick “Suggest names while completing To, Cc, and Bcc fields”
  4. Restart Outlook

To delete individual email addresses:

  1. Start typing the email address
  2. When the email address you want to delete is highlighted in the auto-fill suggestions pop-up just hit the Delete [Del] key on your keyboard.

Hope this helps someone.

March for Baby P

As you are probably aware, marches are being held all across the UK in December for little Baby P!

Unfortunately a lot of people are unable to attend due to travel etc. but are still wanting to say their goodbyes and pay their respect to the poor little boy who was tortured to death at the hands of his mother, her boyfriend and another man.

Therefore marches are being organised across the UK see this site for details of these marches

March for Baby P