HP CP2025 misprint and cleaning when printing multiple pages

Been struggling for a while with an HP CP2025 colour laser printer.

Essentially the CP2025 would print single pages perfectly fine.
However, but when trying to print multiple page documents or multiple copies of the same file, the CP2015 would give a “Misprint” Error and then require the user to tap the OK button to continue.

It appears that some HP CP2025 models have some sort of defect in the paper pickup roller for paper tray 2.
This defect causes a slight delay/hesitation when loading the paper which causes it to go slightly out of alignment, the printer responds to this mis-alignment by automatically going through a cleaning cycle.
As this misfeed happens on the first printed side it spits the paper out without printing side 2 and requires the user to press OK to continue.

If all trays have the problem…

These settings need to be changed only in printers using the webpage (type the printer’s IP address into your browser) ToolboxFX or EWS utility.
(Note: Leave the OS printer driver / printer properties with default settings.)


Screenshot of the webpage

In System Tab and Paper Handling:
Default Paper Size: A4 or Letter
Default Paper Type: Plain
Manual Feed: Off
Tray 1 Size: Any Size
Tray 1 Type: Any Type
Tray 2 Size: A4 or Letter
Tray 2 Type: Heavy 111-130g
Tray 3 Size: A4 or Letter
Tray 3 Type: Heavy 111-130g

Remember to click the [Apply] button!

Note: Tray 2 and Tray 3 availability will differ based on Models.

When I just changed “Tray 2 Size” and “Tray 2 Type” my CP2025 started printing properly again


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A few other thing to try if the above doesn’t work…

If the above solution doesn’t work for you then here are some other things you can try that i found in various places on the net:

In Paper Out Handling:
Select Specify Time and Action.
Paper Out Time: 0 Seconds
Paper Out Action: Override

In System Tab and Print Quality:
Power-On Calibration: 60 Minutes
Calibration Timing: 168 hours

Pickup roller replacement may help…
if switching Tray 2’s paper type to a heavy paper type (e.g. “Heavy 111-130g”) fixes the issue, then the rollers likely to need replacing
(Part #’s RM1-4840-000CN and RM1-4426-000CN found on:

If that doesn’t work…
Turn off the printer.
With the printer off, press at the same time the right arrow button [>] and the Cancel button [X]
With the previous buttons still pressed, turn the printer back on.
Keep the buttons pressed until the message <Permanent Storage init.> appears on the printer. When you see this message release the cancel and right arrow buttons.

If that doesn’t work…
Turn the printer off for about 2 minutes
Go into the LCD menu under SERVICE and go to RESTORE DEFAULTS
Push OK. Problem may occurs after a hundred pages.

If that doesn’t work…
Set Tray 2’s paper type to something specific not “not indicated”

If that doesn’t work…
Upgrade the firmware

If that doesn’t work…
If using non-HP toner cartridges, consider switching to an authentic cart.

If that doesn’t work…
Breaking up large PDF’s into smaller documents might help.

On the “Printer Settings” tab (networked version) in the option group,
Print Quality group:
Power-On Calibration: On
Calibration Timing: 168 Hours
click Apply button
Extended Print Modes change options in Optimize group:
Registration: On
Jam Reduction: On
click Apply button
System Setup group:
Auto continue: On
click [Apply] button

A few notes about using the the HP Universal Printer Driver on the CP2025:
1. If printing from Windows applications use PCL5
2. If printing from Microsoft Office – use PCL6 (to prevent losing colours on complex pages/slides)
3. If printing from Adobe applications use PS (expect a lot of printer processing with the PS driver) Note: Adobe Acrobat reader can use PCL5 just fine.